API docs coming soon


  1. Get your API token via the UI. You can:

    • specify activation/expiration dates
    • limit access to specific endpoints
  2. When making a request, send your token in the token query param or X-Token header


Here is a quick example for accessing the API to delete a site branch.

  1. Create an API token

  2. Create a .env file

  3. Call the API

    // load your .env and place it in process.env
    const url = 'https://meli.my-company.com';
    const siteId = 'b3a9c55d-d740-436f-84bb-03bdec6bf518';
    const axios = require('axios').create({
      baseURL: url,
      headers: {
        'X-Token': process.env.API_TOKEN,
    async function deleteBranch(name) {
      const { data } = await axios.get(`/api/v1/sites/${siteId}/branches`);
      const branch = data.find(branch => branch.name === name);
      if (!branch) {
        console.log('Branch not found');
      await axios.delete(`/api/v1/sites/${siteId}/branches/${branch._id}`);