#GitHub Authentication

In Github, go to Settings / Developer Settings / OAuth Apps and add a new OAuth app with the following settings:

Field Value
Application name Meli
Homepage URL https://meli.sh
Authorization callback URL <meli-server-url>/auth/github/callback

Now, you can update your docker-compose.yml:

# ...
  # ...
    # ...
      # ...
      MELI_GITHUB_CLIENT_ID: <your-github-oauth-app-client-id>
      MELI_GITHUB_CLIENT_SECRET: <your-github-oauth-app-client-secret>
      # restrict access to your Github organizations
      MELI_GITHUB_ORGS: my-org-1,my-org-2

When authorizing your Github account, you will need to grant access to each organization separately for the server to see it. Otherwise, if MELI_GITHUB_ORGS is set, you will be denied access to Meli. If you have specifically denied access to Meli for a given organization, you can revoke this ban by going to your organization settings under Third party access.