#Gitlab Authentication

From your Gitlab admin area, add a new application with the following settings:

Field Value
Name Meli
Redirect URL <meli-server-url>/auth/gitlab/callback
Trusted / Confidential true
Scopes api

After creating the application, Gitlab will give you both the Client ID and Client Secret, which they respectively name Application ID and Application Secret.

You may need to check "Allow requests to the local network from web hooks and services" in Admin / Settings / Network / Outbound requests for webhooks to be sent to Meli.

Now, you can update your docker-compose.yml:

# ...
  # ...
    # ...
      # ...
      MELI_GITLAB_CLIENT_ID: <your-gitlab-application-id>
      MELI_GITLAB_CLIENT_SECRET: <your-gitlab-application-secret>
      # restrict access to your Gitlab group
      MELI_GITLAB_GROUPS: my-org-1,my-org-2